Monday, July 28, 2008

۝ Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter ۝

........By Beatrix Potter

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lincoln Karim & Friends


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PaleMale & Lola ~ ~ ~
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© Lincoln Karim
© Lincoln Karim

On my side bar you will see the link to Lincoln Karim's website, PaleMale under Assorted Sites To Behold... He is much more than an incredible photographer. <--- Click on this link and read the captions all the way down as you view his photos. He is one of my heros.

In mid June of this year long time lover and photgrapher extraordinaire of Pale Male & Lola rescued this cat from New York City's Morningside Park and made his home hers. Bravo Lincoln Karim! As a cat lover I was happily moved to find out Lincoln took in this girl, but not surprised, knowing his love for all animals.

© Lincoln Karim
© Lincoln Karim
© Lincoln Karim

"This ferocious beast prevented me from updating today. The said beast had me up all night giving her tummy rubs and a variety of other selfish treats. Please re-visit later in the day to see the rest of Sunday's images." - Lincoln Karim

© Lincoln Karim

Below is an excerpt from Lincoln's PaleMale website with a plea for help:

"The MET is using rodent baiting stations containing the lethal active ingredient 'Bromethalin'. These stations are placed in open areas behind the MET in Central Park specifically where Palemale & Lola catches a great deal of rats! The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a very careless attitude toward animals; Their lavish glass windows kills hundreds of migrating birds each year. Recently the glass in those windows were replaced but nothing was done to the new glass to help prevent this ongoing tragedy. All around the MET are rodent baiting stations which threaten the lives of our precious wildlife especially Palemale & Lola. Both the MET's management and their private pest control contractor has lied to me about the seriousness of the poison used in these bait stations. Presently the bait used is worse than the anti-coagulants used previously. Please call the Director's Office and tell them to stop endangering the lives of our precious wildlife!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is deceiving the public on the lethal rodenticide they are using!
After issuing that sterile 'News Release' on July 15, 2008 in which they pretended to be so remorseful about the lethal poison (FASTRAC, active ingredient 'Bromethalin') which was being used 'without their knowledge', they have now reverted to CONTRAC (active ingredient Bromodiolone) which is just as bad as the poison that they were so sorry to have been using. . . I will not just stand by and take 'pretty' pictures of these animals and not speak out for them! What kind of society will continuously and willfully endanger the life of its precious wildlife especially in these enlightened times? The MET and Central Park must stop their careless attitude toward these weaker and vulnerable creatures."
- Lincoln Karim

The Metropolitian Museum of Art
Philippe de Montebello (Director)
call: (212) 570-3902
or email:

So beautifully, this photo below shows the special relationship between Lincoln Karim and PaleMale . . .

© Takamitsu Muroi <-- Click here to enlarge image