Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Magnificent Maui ~ For Gypsy

********************************************************** ______________________________ © Gypsy 2007

Magnificent Maui
For Gypsy

How many ways can I count
The amount of rays I detect
Reflections of love
In his eyes
As you capture the moment he is in
Sharing him
For Maui has been
On adventures
Patrolling and prowling
In his grand cat-ness
Of stretching pouncing purring
He is beyond this
He is inhabited with intelligence
Spirited with a big heart
Right from the start
I loved him

© Galatea 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mona Lisa ~ By Walter Pater


_____________________Saint Anne by Leonardo DaVinci

Mona Lisa
By Walter Pater
(1839 - 1894)

She is older than the rocks among which she sits;
Like the vampire,
She has been dead many times,
And learned the secrets of the grave;
And has been a diver in deep seas,
And keeps their fallen day about her;
And trafficked for strange webs with Eastern merchants;
And, as Leda,
Was the mother of Helen of Troy,
And, as Saint Anne,
Was the mother of Mary;
And all this has been to her but as the sound of lyres and
And lives
Only in the delicacy
With which it has moulded the changing lineaments,
And tinged the eyelids and the hands.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Winter Night


Thoughts falling like snowflakes
From my mind and melt away
Each one was complex
I can smell them in the snow
Crisp fairytales and magic
Blowing in on a northern wind
In a cold moment
Each thought a moonlit flurry
Holds my attention
Before nighttime takes it into a dream

© 2007